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Working on your taxes is a lot like self-diagnosing an illness based on a google search. Sure, you might get it right. But if you don't, the repercussions are horrendous. Heck, even doctors don't like to self diagnose because they are afraid of the consequences. However, you don't always need to run to a doctor. Simple colds and minor scrapes, you can handle yourself. Tax preparation works in the same way. If you're simple wage earner with no deductions and complexities, you can get away with using online tax software to prepare your returns. In fact, we urge you to do so. You can get acquainted with your finances and save some money in the process. Anything more complicated than that, it's wise to hire a CPA or tax professional. They know how to get the most out of your taxes. Leave the tax preparation work to the tax experts at Gary Mehta, CPA, EA. Among the best-rated CPA firm in Delaware.

Hire the best accountant in Delaware for your tax preparation needs and work with best CPA Firm in

Hire the best accountant in Delaware for your tax preparation needs. Hire Gary Mehta, CPA, EA

Tax Services from Our Professional Accounting Firm

Accounting and Tax Services provided by our top-rated CPA Firm in Delaware

When you work with a Certified Public Accountant in Delaware, you get a comprehensive approach. Our Wilmington based Certified Public Accountant uses this comprehensive approach to simplify your taxes. We understand that you might not be a tax whiz. So our certified public accountants work hard to put your taxes into layman perspectives. Our tax accountants get to know you, your aspirations, and your values. We don't just fill tax forms; Instead, we look beyond the numbers to find ways to make your money work for you while protecting your personal assets. Some of the tax services you get with this prestigious Wilmington accounting firm include:

  • Tax Preparation
  • Tax Audits
  • Tax Planning
  • Tax Resolution Services
  • Tax Representation

We also offer boutique services for special situations. 

  • Expatriate tax returns
  • Non-Resident tax returns
  • International tax returns
  • IRS Innocent Spouse relief

We specialize in tax solutions for delicate IRS matters. 

  • Non-filed tax returns
  • Back Taxes
  • Payroll Tax Problems
  • IRS audits
  • Tax liens
  • Tax levies
  • IRS Wage garnishments
  • IRS Property Seizures

When you hire Gary Mehta, CPA,EA with an offices in Wilmington to handle your taxes, you get:

  • Your tax return is checked and rechecked by human and computer software to make sure that our work is accurate. 
  • Your Prior Year return is reviewed, make sure no income or deductions were left out. 
  • Your tax return is filed electronically. We are an IRS authorized E-Filer.
  • Your tax return is reviewed for audit risk. If you're a small business owner, we go over your return to make sure all deductions are valid and that we haven't skipped anything. 

Top Reasons why we are the best accounting firm in Delaware

 We can give you a few strong reasons why you should hire a personal Delaware CPA or tax accountant to prepare your tax returns. 

1. As Delaware CPAs, we are experienced in completing tax returns for the wealthy and successful businesses. Our Wilmington CPAs know and get Delaware small businesses. Being local accountants, we know what Delaware small businesses go through. With our feet on the ground, our local accounting firm in Delaware knows what kind of deductions you may have had, or even if you've missed them. Wilmington Local Accountants can find you the best deductions while making sure their work is error-free.

2. Just like any other local Wilmington accounting firms, we have prospects who think they know the tax code after spending countless hours researching on the internet. There is a reason why we go to school for years to learn the tax code and get our professional license. Delaware accountants are very competent tax professionals and have spent years helping businesses as their local tax accountant in Delaware. Even though we've spent years learning the code, we still keep up with ongoing professional education to understand it better. 

3. Time is money. If you've got a successful small business, you shouldn't be out there trying to learn tax rules that change every year. You should be focused on sales and helping your business grow. Yes, you might save a few bucks by attempting to prepare that returns and learn tax laws in a half-assed way. But you'll lose a lot in sales and time.


Those are some great reasons why you should let your personal Wilmington CPA or tax accountant prepare your tax returns. Hopefully, they've convinced you to hire a pro: Pick up the phone and hire the best accountant in Delaware. Hire Gary Mehta, CPA, EA

Frequently Discussed Topics

Smart People hire other smart people to do their taxes!

Most people don't do their own taxes. Only about a third of Americans do their own taxes. This means that if you prepare your taxes, you're in the minority and at a disadvantage. We'd bet that you're not getting all the deductions that you should and they money that you're saving by doing taxes on your own is being wasted away in lost deductions and lack of long term tax planning. Smart people know that tax preparation and planning is best left to tax consultants and experts in Delaware

The biggest obstacle to hiring a tax professional in Delaware is cost. Our prices are comparable and competitive to other licensed tax and accounting firms in Delaware. While we agree that we are not the cheapest, we guarantee our product. We put the proper time and diligence in making and analyzing your taxes. We think outside the box when it comes to tax planning and help you make the right financial choices. We promote our tax services on the value they bring, not our prices.

Find a great accountant while you can!

Americans spend between $100 and $150 billion each year, getting their taxes done by professionals. But not all preparers are equal, even though they're plentiful. In 2012, the country had more tax preparers (about 1.2 million) than firefighters (310,400) and law enforcement officers (765,000) combined. That's a testament to the demand — due mainly to the complexity of the tax code.

However, more than 1/3 of the accounting workforce are baby boomers and professionals over 50 years of age. Licensed Accountants have very high education requirements. Frankly, due to rising college costs, sophisticated accounting softwares, and extensive experience requirements, the younger workforce is deterred from being accountants. 

With baby boomers retiring in the next decade, and a shortage of accountants coming out of college, there will be  fewer accountants left to build a long term relationship with. Gary Mehta, CPA, EA, is in his 30s and is planning to do this for the rest of his career. He is out to build long term relationships with his clients. Hopefully, you're looking to make a long term relationship with your accountant. 

Tax Laws aren't fair -- or are they?

The tax code is complex, but is it fair? A recent national survey asked more than 3,300 sole proprietors in the United States questions about their income taxes. Among those surveyed, only 16 percent said they thought that the tax code was fair. Only 12 percent believed that everyone paid their fair share.

We believe that the tax laws are fair, in general. In our experience, individuals and small business owners that are not organized and diligent about keeping good records end up pay the most taxes. Hence, they feel that the tax code isn't fair. We are out to fix this misunderstanding and show our clients how easy it to stay organized. Modern day accounting software like Quickbooks make record keeping so easy!

While we can't change the tax system, we can help individuals and small businesses get more organized and save money on taxes. Our diligent Delaware accountant helps our clients find all legal deductions that will reduce taxes while keeping your long term goals in mind. So work with Gary Mehta, CPA, EA, and see why he is the best Delaware accountant in 2020. 

Professional touch reduces chances of expensive mistakes

Whether you like it or not, today's tax laws are so complicated that what may seem a relatively simple return can lead to expensive mistakes. When we say expensive, we mean thousands of dollars expensive. It's just too easy to overlook deductions and credits you're entitled to. Sometimes we can also forget to include income items. Even if you use a computer software program, you can miss or misinterpret things.  Hire an experienced tax professional to do your tax preparation.

But don't settle for just any licensed CPA or another authorized tax agent  In the Wilmington area metropolitan area, find a best CPA firm that understands the intricacies of your business and personal tax returns. The tax accountants at Gary Mehta, CPA, EA look at the big picture Our Delaware enrolled agents reviews your business and personal finances and helps you prepare taxes to meet your long term financial goals. Trust these CPAs and EAs to deliver personalized service for you. We believe our clients deserve the best. Hence, we do not believe in providing them with cookie-cut services, and we do not outsource accounting services to other foreign companies. 

Beyond tax preparation services in Wilmington

Professional Remote Accounting Services we offer in Wilmington and across Delaware

If your tired of maintaining your books let Gary Mehta, CPA, EA, a top-rated Delaware accounting firm, prepare your bookkeeping for the year. We have the best bookkeeper in Delaware. We will organize all your transactions, payments, and invoices. Also, get your taxes prepared inhouse. You get your taxes done while your remote CPA set up a Quickbooks software to organize your data for next year. Other services available include:

  • Business Consulting
  • Strategic Planning
  • Self employment accounting
  • Non Profit Accounting
  • Payroll Accounting
  • Accounting software setup

You can expect the best business services in Delaware with Gary Mehta, CPA, EA. Take a step in the right direction by working with the best tax advisor in Delaware. Let us be the guiding hand for your accounting needs. 

Do you have questions about the services we offer, including Tax Preparation in Wilmington and across Delaware? Would you like to receive personal tax Preparation services customized to your specific needs? To schedule an appointment with the best accountant Delaware, Gary Mehta, CPA,EA, Please contact our Dover or Wilmington tax accountants for a CPA consultation.

Look no further! Hire the best tax preparation service in Delaware for small business tax prep.

Look no further! Hire the best tax preparation service in Delaware for small business tax prep.

Delaware Tax Preparation Services

Check out this commercial about tax preparation services offered by Gary Mehta, CPA, EA. It shows how simple it is to work with us and how people find us. 

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