Business Formation in Delaware

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Start a Delaware LLC with our business formation services. Ask Gary Mehta CPA, EA to setup your biz.

If you're in market for starting a new Delaware LLC, you've come to the right place. Talk to our business consultants about how we can properly setup your business entity, plan it for tax savings and help you shelter your assets. 


Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Our company formation services will setup your Delaware corporation. Start your small business now!

Looking to have multiple investors for your business. Incorporate a business structure that will give you flexibility of having different types of shares and give you the ultimate asset protection.   


Limited Liability Company (LLC)


Contact our accounting firm in Delaware and speak with our attorney to form your business.

We love setting up new businesses for foreign individuals and companies. We can help you form a Delaware business even if you don't have a local tax ID. Make sure to scroll below to learn more about the benefits  of incorporating in Delaware

LLC Formation Services in Delaware

Benefits of starting a Delaware LLC

So what is the hype behind forming a Delaware Limited Liability Company? Why should I pick Delaware over any other state (e.g Wyoming or Nevada etc). We get asked these questions all the time. 

Ever since Limited Liability Act of 1991 has been passed, Delaware has distinguished itself as the leading jurisdiction for LLC formations. Due to Delaware's advance tax rules and regulations, Delaware is a hotspot of american financial activity. It's up-to-date corporate laws give LLCs same asset protection and flexibility as their corporations. Below are some reasons by, you should use a Delaware Limited company to start your business.   

Be Anonymous

Tax Advantages

Be Anonymous

Privacy is very important to people and businesses. Delaware allows you to be anonymous. While other states, disclose business officers and even assets for public viewing, Delaware maintains a strict guideline about what it will publish to public. 


Tax Advantages

Be Anonymous

Delaware LLCs follow rules of internal agreements that aren't published by the state to general public. So, you can make changes to partnership agreements without notifying the state or people. 

Tax Advantages

Tax Advantages

Tax Advantages

There is no state income tax for businesses exclusively conducting business outside of Delaware, Delaware also has no inheritance tax for non residents, no sales tax or VAT on the sale of intangible property (i.e., copyrights, patents, trademarks) for nonresidents, provided they are not conducting business in the state 

Get Help Incorporating your Delaware Corporation

Have our licensed accountants form your Delaware Corporation

Thinking seriously about starting your Delaware Corporation? Have certified public accountants at Gary Mehta CPA, EA help you with every step.  Not only we can help you form the corporation,  we can also get you all the necessary federal and state licenses. Let's discuss the necessary steps and how we can help. 

Business Entity Structure Planning: We can help you structure your business the proper way so you have to pay less taxes. Not sure which entity structure is right for you? We can help design C-Corporations and S-corporations. If you're looking to start a not for profit, speak to a non-profit expert to see how we can help you start your organization. 

Choose the Name: We will scour the internet and state databases to help you get the name you want. We will check for it's availability and  even reserve it for you. 

Finding a registered agent: If you would like to use a commercial registered agent, we work with several of them . We will help you find a registered agent that is dependable and affordable.  

Pick your Directors:  Have us help you determine who should be the director of your business. This is very important for taxes and for asset sheltering. Picking the wrong director can end up costing you thousands in taxes or someone with a high risk profile to protect your assets. 

Determine your stock information:  We'll help you answer important questions like who should have voting rights or get preferred dividends. We will also help you structure the cap table to save money on Delaware Franchise taxes. 

Get your Federal Tax ID Number:  A Federal Tax ID Number, or EIN, must be obtained by a business entity before it can open a U.S. bank account, hire U.S. employees or pay U.S. taxes. Equal to a social security number for your company, this number is the life-line of all Delaware businesses.  Whether you are a resident or foreign director, we can help you get this identification number. 

Delaware Company Formation Services for Non-Residents

Can you help me start my LLC if I am a non resident ?

Absolutely. You don't even have to visit our Wilmington based office. Our accountants and business advisers will remotely help you start your Delaware company, pick the right business structure, map out your business plan for tax savings and help you file annual regulatory paperwork. How simple is that!

Do I need a US Company Address to start my Delaware business

No.  You do not need a physical location in Delaware to start a Delaware LLC or Corporation. You can use your company to conduct business anywhere in the world with all benefits given to other Delaware businesses. All you need is a resident agent who can receive basic legal documents and Delaware Franchise tax notices. 

Do I need a resident shareholder to open a company in Delaware?

No. You do not need to share your hard earned profits with someone else. Delaware corporate laws are very friendly to foreign companies and individuals and do not require a US resident to be a shareholder.  

What is a resident agent and do I need one?

You must have a resident agent in Delaware. A resident agent is a person or business located in Delaware, that is willing to accept legal notices and Delaware Franchise tax forms on behalf of your business. It is the your only necessary link to Delaware. We can provide these services for our clients. 

Can you get us an EIN number for our foreign business?

Yes we can. As part of our business incorporation services, we will help you get your Federal Tax ID Number.  This includes EIN for non-residents. 

An EIN is required for any company to perform business activities here in US. You need the EIN number for all basic items such as opening a bank account, hiring employees or hiring a card card processor. You also need the EIN to file your annual tax returns. 

Hire a Local CPA Firm to form your business in Wilmington

Top Reasons why you should hire a licensed accounting firm to form your business

Centrally located in Delaware, we understand the local laws. Professionally licensed by the state and our peer-reviewed by licensed accountant peers, our licensed accounting firm maintains the highest standards and knowledge competence to form and structure your business entity in the right manner. We understand key differences between the business structures and how it pertains to accounting, taxes, and business law. Our broadened scope of understanding allows us to help you minimize taxes, understand the impact of immigration issues, and curtail business risk. Another advantage of being local is we can quickly respond to any inquiries by state or IRS. Other business formation websites focus on a small part of business formation, which is filing the paperwork. However, we think long term tax planning, asset sheltering, and a good business plan at large.

Based in Wilmington, We provide company formation services across Delaware including Dover, Newark.

Based in Wilmington, We provide company formation services across Delaware including Dover, Newark. 


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Best Company Formation Experts in Delaware

Hire the best accounting firm in town to help you form your Delaware business. Here a great  clip about working with our firm on business formation services.  To setup your business the right way, start with Gary Mehta, CPA, EA. 

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