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It all started in 1997. Gary Mehta was a sophomore in high school. At the time, he was an average student but a natural at helping small businesses succeed. At the time, he was self employed was blessed by an incredible accounting teacher that inspired him to learn more about the subject. By the time he graduated high school, (with the help of his parents) he owned and managed three cellphone stores. In 2002, he sold his stores and used to profits to fund his education. While getting educated, he worked with a private investment fund that purchased or started cellphone stores along the east coast. Using his prior experience and education, he helped the fund start and acquire over 150 stores and save enough capital to get back into self employment. Knowing his love for accounting, it was only natural for him to gravitate towards opening a tax preparation service in 2007. Then 2008 came around, the accounting and finance industry was in shambles. Nevertheless, Gary Mehta was still able to grow his business during the economic downturn by identifying the right opportunities. He started representing clients to IRS and State that owed back taxes. While managing a full-time work and full-time study schedule, he received his CPA certification along with other professional designations. 

Moral of the story - With Gary Mehta, you're not just getting a licensed accounting professional, you're getting a seasoned small business owner who has been through the ups and downs and knows what it takes needs to succeed.  

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Valuable Insight from our Wilmington based Tax Consultants and Business Advisers

Tax accounting are not just figuring on a report; it impacts your finances in fundamental ways. Without careful monitoring and planning, your finances and tax obligations could spiral out of control. As you become more successful, your finance gets more complicated and require a lot more attention. Top rated CPA Firm in Delaware, Gary Mehta, CPA, EA of Wilmington, finds solutions that not only allow you to keep and grow your wealth, but shelter it from unhappy creditors. 

You deserve outstanding tax and bookkeeping services from leading accounting firm in Delaware for all of your financial needs -- from tax preparation cash flow management, to tax audits, and a whole lot more. Save money with the most astute CPAs in Wilmington. No tax problem is too big or complex for its keen minds, top accountants at Gary Mehta, CPA, EA in New Castle County, DE. Use CPAs in Delaware who provide exceptional value and taxation accounting solutions for:

  • Hardworking executives at Start-Ups
  • Successful Small Business Owners, Software Companies and IT Solutions
  • Medical professionals such as Doctors, Dentists, Nurses, Physical Therapists, Counseling/Social Work  Professionals and Pharmacists
  • Independent professionals, such as Law Firms, and IT & Management Consultants
  • Finance Industry professionals like Actuaries and Investment Managers
  • Manufacturer and Retailers of consumer goods and supplies
  • Investment Holding Companies


Most Delaware accountants and Wilmington CPA firms focus just on the items that you give them. They’re good accountants and maybe even the best at what they do, but they focus on the NOW. Gary Mehta, CPA, EA, a top accounting firm in Delaware, based out of Wilmington sees what other tax accountants miss: the bigger picture. Yes, often the bigger picture is about making more profit, but sometimes there are things more important than just money: Quality of life. Work with best rated tax accountants in Delaware who successfully guide you through just the tough financial questions, but also through life’s ups and downs. 

Delaware CPA Firm with the Highest Standards

 Get the accounting services that you can trust. When it comes to your complex business ideas – including your strategic and tax plans, get the guidance you need and deserve. Once your Top Wilmington CPA at Gary Mehta, CPA, EA gets to know your business values and goals, you can expect nothing less than esteemed professionalism. After reviewing your unique situation, Delaware accountant & CPA provides breakthrough solutions to turn your questions into answers.

Licensed in Delaware, the accountants at Gary Mehta, CPA, EA have been serving businesses across Wilmington and Delaware since 2007. Being a full-service accounting firm, we have gone above and beyond in helping our clients become success stories. We start with understanding your business and end with a customized accounting strategy that will take your Delaware company to the next level. That’s what we’re known for, accounting strategies in Delaware. We proudly serve our Wilmington community with distinction and responsiveness. 

Wide Range of Business Services in Delaware

Business Accounting

Small Business Accounting

Small Business Accounting

Gary Mehta, CPA, EA, the top DE CPA firm brings knowledge and experience that is unparalleled in the industry.

Small Business Accounting

Small Business Accounting

Small Business Accounting

 Behind every successful small business is an accountant. You figure out how to earn the money and we’ll figure out how to keep it.  

Self Employed Accounting

Small Business Accounting

Self Employed Accounting

 Accountants in Delaware will keep your books, make your payroll, prepare your taxes and protect your assets.  

IRS audits

Business Setup

Self Employed Accounting

If you were picked up in for a tax audit, pick the top tax accounting firm in Delaware that will help you win 

Business Setup

Business Setup

Business Setup

Start your company the right way by hiring a business consultant to help you structure your entity

Certified Audit

Business Setup

Business Setup

Don’t buy a business without us verifying all the details. Protect your investment and minimize fraud. 

Accounting and Tax Services for the Business Savvy

Working with the best rated Delaware accountants

Gary Mehta CPA, best rated accountant in Delaware and Wilmington leads the industry in customized, personal accounting services. Among accountants in Delaware providing world class consulting, compliance and tax services. Totally invested in your success, we work with your business as if it was our own. Contact Gary Mehta, a top Delaware accountant for small business tax services and QuickBooks accounting.


Call on the Delaware accountant, tax consultants and business advisers you can trust — experienced professionals with international experience. Gary Mehta, CPA, EA works with high net-worth individuals and thriving businesses that need a personal accountant touch and a detailed eye for deductions. If that describes you, call for innovative Delaware accounting and strategic services such as:

  • Strategic Business Planning
  • Business Consulting
  • Certified Audits
  • Tax Audits
  • Audited Financial Statements
  • Corporate and Personal Tax Preparation
  • Tax Preparation
  • Bookkeeping

Wilmington accountant, tax expert and IRS representation specialist works tirelessly to provide you with the best customer service experience. We’re always easy to get in touch with via phone, email, text or WhatsApp. Expect your Delaware accountant at Gary Mehta, CPA, EA to check in with you on an ongoing basis. We know to go beyond a simple annual review — because your companies aren’t built on working one day a year. It’s an continuous process for your business and ours.

TAX SERVICES IN Wilmington and Delaware

Your personal accounting team and accountant in Wilmington, Gary Mehta, CPA knows it takes more than just set formulas to prepare tax returns. It takes a customized approach and detailed oriented eye to figure out how to prepare taxes the right way. Hiring a professional tax preparation service is the first step to maximize your tax saving and plan for the future.

You need a personalized accountant in Delaware that can offer that level of service.

Personal accountant in Delaware at Gary Mehta, CPA, EA take the time do the due diligence and get to know you and your small business. We don’t believe in giving out the garden variety tax advice or solutions. We leave no stone upturned when exploring the best tax-saving procedures available from you and your small business. Your top rated CPA in Wilmington can resolve your tax problems, including an IRS Audit and even negotiate tax settlements on your behalf.


Your books and financials are at the core of your success. To the outside world, messy books are a reflection of their owners. Vendors and customers will not take a business seriously that has unorganized bookkeeping. Bookkeeping processes feel like a chore, but shouldn’t be considered one. Rather think of it as a financial record of your success. Let us help you clean up your books and organize your financial data. 

QuickBooks is the ideal software for small and medium-sized businesses to get started with the cleanup process. Allow Gary Mehta, CPA to set you up with QuickBooks. Get training and ongoing support from best rated  Quickbooks Proadvisor that believe in committed personalized service. 

Schedule regular check-ins to see how your books are coming along. QuickBooks is the accounting software of choice for new and experienced business owners in Delaware and the New Castle metropolitan area.

Get Accounting and Tax Services by Top Delaware Accountants at Gary Mehta, CPA, EA in Wilmington.

Get Accounting and Tax Services by Top Delaware Accountants at Gary Mehta, CPA, EA in Wilmington.

Best Delaware Accountant

If you need help with taxes or handling IRS. Gary Mehta, CPA, EA should be your number one choice. We've been providing accounting and tax services in 2007. We look forward to help you resolve your tax problems.  

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At Gary Mehta, CPA, EA, we've been providing exceptional accounting & tax services for over a decade. We've solved countless tax problems and helped small businesses succeed along the way.

We are proud to be from Wilmington, Delaware and have roots have deeply embedded within our community and surrounding areas. 

We look forward to hearing from you and are excited to make you our next success story. 

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