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Gary Mehta, CPA, EA would love to prepare your individual returns. Our return preparation expertise is better utilized on complex returns. We understand that you can manage to prepare simple 1040 returns on your own or using an unlicensed tax preparer. However, tax law can be much more complicated and it is for such returns it is better to use a knowledgeable professional to prepare your returns.  Below are list of personal tax returns that we specialize in. 

Providing Tax Preparation and Planning for Individuals and small businesses throughout Delaware.

Providing Tax Preparation and Planning for Individuals and small businesses throughout Delaware.

Individual Returns Services

Self Employed Returns

Self Employed Returns

Self Employed Returns

Small Business CPA prepares self employment returns for independent contractors within Delaware.

Running a small business? Get proper guidance on how to manage your deductions and decrease your tax bill. Ask us how we can help you prepare your annual returns. 

Multistate Returns

Self Employed Returns

Self Employed Returns

Our tax accountants prepare Multistate Tax returns across the Delaware community in Wilmington.

If you live and work in different states, you need to file returns in different jurisdictions. We can assist you with this 

Amended Returns

Self Employed Returns

Amended Returns

Our Delaware CPA would love help you fix errors on your taxes. Have us prepare amended tax returns.

Made a mistake on your original filing? Have us fix your errors by filing amended returns. 

Late Returns

Non-Resident and Foreign

Amended Returns

Forgot to file? Our Delaware based certified public accountant can help you get current with taxes.

If you're delinquent on your tax filings and haven't filed in years, We can help you get caught up with your back taxes. 

Real Estate Properties

Non-Resident and Foreign

Non-Resident and Foreign

Contact an investment property accountant  in Wilmington Delaware to plan your annual returns.

Whether you're a rental property owner or a flipper, we know how to prepare returns for your investment property. 

Non-Resident and Foreign

Non-Resident and Foreign

Non-Resident and Foreign

Our Delaware Accounting Firm is an expert about international tax planning for non residents

Our clients come from different all over the world. Whether you're out of state or out of country resident, we can help you get in compliance with annual taxes. 

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Self Employment Returns

Small businesses and consultants are the backbones of the American economy. Because we work with many self-employed individuals, we probably know the ins and outs of your business. Having someone knowledgeable and experienced is the key to a successful business and tax planning. We’d like to think that we are those guys. Working with a variety of small businesses, we know the business strategies that work. Not only are we keen on providing you insightful business advice, but we’d love to help you get organized. 

Tax savings are the main focus of most small businesses. To have tax savings, you need to make the right deductions and learn to be organized. We help you set up and put an accounting system in place. While accounting software like Quickbooks is fantastic for getting organized, it might not be the right option for you. Not everyone has time and patience to learn new software. We like to think of alternatives like an organized excel template or an organized shoebox system. Regardless of your comfort level, our tax accountants will work hard to help you find the right deductions and keep those dollars in your pockets. 

Multistate Returns

Delaware is home to commuters from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland. Every day thousands of professionals in healthcare, Banking, IT, and finance industries commute into Delaware to work for companies like Chase, Citi, Christiana Healthcare System, and Dupont. Other times, Health care and Finance professionals from Wilmington, Newark, and Dover travel out of Delaware to other states to work.  Either way, we’ve got you covered. 

Tax rules can be different from state to state, making tax preparation more complicated. Leave the complex to us and have us prepare your multistate returns. We’ll handle all accounting issues with resident tax credits and make sure your income is reported correctly in each state. So you don’t have to overpay your taxes. 

Amended Returns

If you made a mistake in your returns, we could fix it for you by filing amended returns. It’s common for people to forget to report income from W-2 or 1099. If you realize the error quick enough, it can save you thousands in penalties. If you think you missed including something on your returns, have us prepare and file amended tax returns for you immediately.

On the other hand, if you think you forgot to add a critical deduction, we can do it for you. With amended returns, you have up to 3 years to fix your return and get your money from IRS. Not only will we help you get your money back form IRS, but we’ll also help you get a refund from Delaware. 

It’s your money, don’t be shy. Have our tax accountants fix errors on your 1040.     

Late and Unfiled Returns

 If you haven’t filed your returns in years, we understand your worries. People usually don’t file because they are scared, owe money, or simply because life has been too busy. To keep these filings lingering is not a good idea. Have Gary Mehta, CPA, EA help you in preparing these delinquent tax returns. 

IRS and Delaware already know your income because it has been reported to them by third parties like your employer. The longer you wait to file, the more interest and penalties you’ll rack up. Ultimately, if you don’t, IRS will prepare a return on your behalf without any deductions, along with massive interest and penalties. Leaving you with a hefty tax bill.  Don’t make things worse. File your returns today!

How about if you’re getting a refund? Well, IRS does not give you refunds once three years after the due date of return passes. Don’t lose your hard-earned money. Have the best tax consultants prepare and file your prior year returns today.

Rental Property and Investment Property Tax Returns

If you’ve just purchased your first investment property, Congratulations!. Accounting rules are very different for landlords and developers. Our licensed, certified public accountant helps you understand these complicated rules and prepare your year-end reports. 

Our CPA firm can also advise you on other financial aspects of the investment property business. Depending on what you’d like to do with the property, we help you decide which improvements are worthwhile or maximize depreciation to minimize income taxes. 

If you’re a real estate developer, we’re the right accounting firm for you. Whether you’re the sole investor or have multiple investors, our accountants will accurately prepare your year-end returns and issue K-1 forms. 

Non-Resident Returns / Foreign Individuals/ Expats

Do you live abroad? Are you here working on a visa? Gary Mehta CPA, EA, works with foreign individuals to file their resident and non-resident returns.  

If you’re a US citizen living abroad, you must file a return in the US. You also need to declare your foreign bank accounts. Work with us remotely and have an accountant take care of all formalities. No more guessing the regulations and tax treaties. Let our tax professionals do all the hard work.


If you’re here on a visa, you’ve got to stay in compliance and make sure all your returns are filed. Let us hold your hand with IRS and Delaware tax regulations.    

Working with a reliable tax preparer in Wilmington

Areas We Serve

Taxes are universal. Gary Mehta, CPA, EA prepares both federal and state taxes from our Wilmington office. However, we service entire state of Delaware. People come from all over state to have their taxes prepared. Whether you're from Wilmington, Dover or Newark, We'd love to help you.

Based in Wilmington, Delaware, Our CPA Firm provides tax services to all local and foreign companies

Based in Wilmington, Delaware. Our CPA Firm provides tax services to all local and foreign companies

Personal CPA in Delaware

Here is a video about our Personal Tax Services. It is a quick summary about how  easy it is to work with Gary Mehta, CPA, EA. We can provides accounting services remotely or in-person. Enjoy the commercial! 

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