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Gary Mehta, CPA, EA  is considered a premier CPA firm for business and corporation tax preparation in Delaware. Our small business accountants pride themselves in advising  businesses and corporations with the best tax strategies available to them. Our focus is to help them save on business taxes while successfully meeting their financial goals. Our business advisory services are perfect for a company looking to have a close relationship with their accountants and business consultants. We feel this "closeness" is crucial for long term success!

Small Business CPA will provides Delaware Startup with the best Tax and Business Advisory Services.

Small Business CPA will provides Delaware Startup with the best Tax and Business Advisory Services. 

Business Entities we work with


Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Limited Liability Company (LLC)


From comprehensive tax planning to year end returns, We help your business with their year end returns and annual franchise tax filings. 

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Our business accountants will provide tax preparation services for your Delaware LLC. Call us NOW !

Assisting both single and multimember LLCs, our accountants work tirelessly to make sure your filings are accurate and tax efficient


Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Foreign Corporations

Have our Delaware Certified Accountant make your corporate forms and provide tax advisory services.

From initial elections to year on year tax filings, have our knowledgeable tax consultants guide you. 

Foreign Corporations

Foreign Corporations

Foreign Corporations

Hire the best tax accountants in Wilmington, Delaware to work with your foreign corporation.

Whether you're out of state or country, trust a reliable tax accountant to handle your tax filing needs. We can assist you will franchise taxes, annual returns and tax treaty research. 

Non Profits

Foreign Corporations

Trusts and Estates


We are softies for not-for-profits. Our non-profit accounting services helps charities, religious organizations and social clubs get the right advice. We work with nonprofits and benefit corps.

Trusts and Estates

Foreign Corporations

Trusts and Estates

Ask our Wilmington CPA about Accounting Services for your Delaware Trust. We also file Estate Taxes.

Ask about how our trust accounting services can benefit your family trust. We work with revocable, irrevocable, grantor trusts and more. We can also help you file your estate returns. 

Top reasons to hire Wilmington business accountants

Reason 1: Competitive Pricing

Never judge an accountant by their price because you get what you pay for. 

Yes, we probably aren’t the lowest priced but our fees are ALWAYS competitively priced for a licensed CPA Firm   Our tax preparation fees are comparable to Delaware tax preparation firms. We promote on our quality not our price. 

Reason 2: We’re not your garden variety tax preparer, We’re a licensed CPA Firm.

All returns are reviewed and signed by an experienced, licensed Delaware certified public accountant (CPA) We take taxes seriously. We’re not part-timers and we don’t outsource your work; which is unfortunately what you get at most national tax preparation firms. We stay up to date on our continuing education and stay current on new tax laws and IRS procedures. Proud members of prestigious professional organizations like AICPA and DSCPA, We have an ‘A+’ rating you can get from the Better Business Bureau. We take pride in our work so you don’t have to second guess your choice 

Reason 3: We welcome complicated returns

We admit we know a lot about taxes. In certain “special circumstances”, if we don’t know the answer, we’re happy to do our due diligence and get you the right answer. They say you learn something new every day, we find that exciting. 

Reason 4: FREE second look on prior year return

If you’re switching over to us from another accounting practice, we’ll take a second look at your prior year returns to see if everything was correctly prepared. We just want to make sure that your returns are consistent and accurate. 

Who knows what we may find? If you missed an important deduction, having us redo your taxes can put some money in your pocket. This service is super helpful because it’ll help us understand any audit risks with your returns. Remember, last year’s tax return may be examined or changed for up to 3 years after you filed it. Just because you haven’t heard anything yet, doesn’t mean you’re in the clear. Last year, we identified found that over half of the prior year returns prepared by other accountants had problems. 

Many clients wanted us to amend their returns and we did! They were happy to get a bonus check from the IRS. Its a FREE service offered as part of our small business package. 

Reason 5: How fast will I get my refund?

If everything is processed normally, it should take 7-14 business days. Since we are authorized E-filers, we can electronically file your returns and help you get your refund faster. We don’t do cash advances or refund anticipation loans (RALs). If you owe money, this has to be paid to IRS by April 15th. We can setup the payment to go out automatically from your bank account. 

Reason 6: What if I can’t pay my taxes?

If you owe taxes and can’t afford to pay them, we’ll work it out for you. Our tax accountant can help you negotiate a payment plan or other tax settlement with the IRS. Most tax preparation firms don’t do this. And the ones that do, simply fill out a form and hope for the best. Our biggest concern is to get you in a plan that you can afford! In some cases, an installment agreement might not even be your best option. If it is your best option, what is the lowest monthly payment? That’s what we do! We can help you find the best way to settle your tax debt with the lowest payments for the longest period available. In certain cases, we can even have your tax payments postponed or even settle your tax debt for less than you owe!

Reason 7: Convenience – Work with us remotely

Our business hours are 12PM to 10PM every day, centrally located in Wilmington, Delaware. We serve all of Delaware including New Castle County, Kent county and Sussex County. Whether you’re in Dover or Newark, Come see us! 

Sometimes, you can’t come see us because you live in another state or country. 

If meeting with us is a problem, we can also conduct the interview by phone./Zoom/Skype/Whatsapp We’ll send you a checklist of information that we need to proceed. You can use fax or email as well.  Once returns are ready, we’ll send them to you securely and-file your return the same day.

Delaware Small Business Accountant

Check out this great commercial about Gary Mehta CPA, EA. He is a small business accountant in Delaware. He works with with many different industries. This video is a great example on why people love working with us. Enjoy!

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